Life is complicated! 

0001I am determined to experience and share hope as trust is placed in God and the truth of Scripture is connected to life’s circumstances.

Reading and studying the Bible has proven that scripture intersects daily life with connecting points. Through the circumstances of everyday events, God provides the only source of wisdom when life is uncertain.   Discover unique perspectives about faith, hope, trust, and proof of God’s love along with me in the process of daily life.

  • Starting with….Coffee is proof that God understands my greatest needs and meets them perfectly!
  • I am a recovering control freak and multi-tasker with perfectionist tendencies who is discovering freedom in self-management and balance with God’s help.  
  • My career as a Registered Nurse in a hospital allows me to minister to people at their point of pain and joy…a place where I have learned more about being Christlike in a secular world than in my employment as an ordained minister in the church.
  • Years of volunteering in the local church to children, youth, women and adults along with other Christian ministries has taught me valuable lessons about ministry leadership.  
  • As a women’s ministry leader and consultant, God taught me about inviting and building an effective leadership team. What started as ministry with a team became a team of leaders.  
  • In my roles as a woman, daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother, I have seen God work in and through circumstances for my benefit and His glory
  • …Did I mention that I’m caffeine addicted and not ready to face the world without a little bit of coffee?…and a whole lot of Jesus!
    Coffee Beans