Choose 5 words….

2014-01-12_17-49-58_480On a recent trip out of town, I stayed at a resort with a master suite bathroom that was as large as most bedrooms. The oversize walk-in shower boasted 2 shower heads AND an overhead rain shower nozzle. Add good water pressure and unending hot water to the mix and and I took some long showers.

At home, I would never have used so much water, but it didn’t seem to be such a waste at the time.

This begs the question – are there other areas in which I am inconsistent depending on the circumstance?

During a sermon, our pastor encouraged us to ask someone else to describe us using 5 words. I chose someone from church and someone from work to complete this exercise about me. My goal was to see if there were similarities, or if I acted differently depending upon my surroundings.

There were similarities and differences. And, it gave me a good chance to examine my motives and attitudes. Were there times when I needed to adjust, for the right reasons? (1 Cor. 9:22) Or, do I conform too much (Rom. 12:2)?

My core beliefs should not change, how I present them may. But, even more telling is whether I treat all people with respect and dignity in the process. Or, do I fail in including / excluding some based on where I am or who is there?

I would encourage you to try this same exercise. Discuss it with others and make it a matter of prayer.

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