Above the Concrete

My table (aka desk) is positioned by the window, the shades are open and my view is the concrete wall of the basement window egress. .

Several friends and I have rented a home for a writer’s retreat and my room is in the basement. This is perfect because it’s cooler down there and, thanks to menopause, I have my own internal heater.

At last year’s location, I was on the main floor and had a beautiful view of the landscape and surrounding houses to look at when I needed a break from the keyboard and laptop screen. This year, I have a concrete wall…unless I look up. Since my table is right next to the wall, I don’t even see the house next door because of the angle. From the other side of the room, I can see the house next door, but not when I am sitting at the table. I only see the sky.

And I realize that this is an even bigger blessing than a cool room in the basement. When I need a break or am contemplating the next paragraphs for my project, I am drawn to look heavenward rather than at my surroundings. There are fewer distractions and a natural inclination to add prayer to my pause.

One of my core writing goals is to bring God’s perspective to life’s activity. As I write about ordinary and unusual events, I seek to understand what God intends me to learn or do as a result of going through daily life.

I had become too comfortable seeing things from my perspective and figuring it out by myself. This week, I will be routinely and frequently reminded to look up and pray for God’s guidance.

I lift up my eyes…From where does my  help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth. (Psalm 121:1-2 ESV)

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