My journal – God’s story

There is something so inviting–and scary–about a new journal or planner. They are full of fresh starts and contain none of the failures and confessions of the past.

If I had my way, I would have started these on January 1st, but my old journal still had pages left over on December 31. I could not let them stay empty.

I finished the old one recently and opened my new one, cracking the glue of the spine in the process. Pages and pages of open spaces lay before me. Oh, the possibilities…it remains to be seen how I’ll spend the time allotted to me.

  • Will my prayers flow over the pages and get increasing other-centered or will I still lament my personal frustrations?
  • Will I document and be obedient to the still small voice of God as he works His purpose in and through me?
  • Will there be days or weeks between postings when I let daily life – or a little more sleep – push down the importance of time with God…thinking I can “connect” while driving to work instead of taking quality time with God with an open Bible and journal?

Coincidentally (or a God-incidence), I also received a writers planner from a dear friend recently. There are undated pages with daily columns to document what I planned to do and space at the bottom to record what I actually accomplished. Again, the possibilities lay before me in this journey.

  • Will I have more open days or days with at least some time spent on writing?

My workdays are often long and tiring, starting at 6 or 7 am and ending between 6-8 pm.Additionally family obligations (and finally trying to get to the gym) also take time. What I believed as a youth has been dis-proven as an adult – sleep is NOT optional. Time is a limited resource.

So, today I opened both new and empty books. One serves to journal my time with God, seeking his purposes for my life and documenting my faith journey. The other records my goal of taking what God is teaching me along the way and sharing it in written form – a more permanent (and public) journal.

Open pages before me that will soon be filled over time. I love the look and feel of new journals and planners. They remind me that even though my old pages contain glaring examples of my failures and shortcomings, they are not found anywhere among these pages. They remind me of God’s grace and forgiveness when I repent and seek Him. I am given a fresh start and renewed purpose in His planner, full of new possibilities.

Ps 138 8

The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me. LORD,Your love is eternal;do not abandon the work of Your hands.

(PS 138:8 HCSB)

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