Coffee…Care and Comfort in a Cup

My love of coffee didn’t start until I was working my first nursing job on the  night shift. It was then, not college, that I discovered this liquid energy.

At first, cream and sugar were absolute requirements in order to enjoy it. Now, I have come to appreciate the taste of unadulterated plain coffee. I do enjoy the uniqueness of flavored coffee, to be sure. But sometimes, I just want a small (translate: large)…black…coffee.

I have fond memories of getting “grandma coffee” as a child. This consisted of mostly milk and sugar with a small amount of coffee mixed to give just the slightest hint of color. I felt so grown up drinking coffee with grandma. It seemed such an adult thing to do. Really, I just liked the concept of spending time with someone who loved me and listened to my child’s heart. Grandmas are amazing.

As an “adult” drink, coffee has advantages over alcohol. For many, sharing a drink together is a means to forget a problem or get a little buzzed…and in enough quantity, the memory is fuzzy or lost completely.

Coffee, on the other hand, is a connecting beverage.

Many times, I have talked with, prayed with, and laughed with friends over a cup of coffee. Lingering over this beverage provides a magical few minutes where hearts are shared and souls bared. It is comforting, encouraging, and satisfying.

Now, to be fair, I have had this experience with ice tea or lemonade and even milk shakes. Yet, there is something that stirs in me when someone says “can we have coffee” that causes me to smile and look forward to spending time together.

If Jesus were walking among us today, I think He would meet with us over a cup of coffee. At least, that is how I try to imagine him when I pray…as one who loves me and listens to my child’s heart.

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