Memory “Frozen” in the Moment

Unless you have been under a rock – or out of the country (although that probably wouldn’t have mattered) – you have seen or heard of the movie “Frozen.” Perhaps, like me, you have watched it for endless hours with grandchildren, children…or just by yourself. It’s a great movie with interesting talking points that our women’s ministry enthusiastically viewed last year.

My grandchildren are all about anything “Frozen” Okay, I’ll admit it – I love the movie, too. I even bought the soundtrack to play on my drive to work.

For Christmas, we gave a castle tent (don’t buy this unless you have room – it’s larger than it looks, but the kids loved it) and an elusive Elsa doll as presents…along with jewelry boxes, costumes, etc.

Last summer, we attended an outdoor Frozen Sing-a-long with what seemed like hundreds of Elsa wannabes all singing at the top of their lungs – remembering every word. Everywhere you looked were children in costume and when the “real” Elsa showed up to visit the children, the joy was audible. We loved it.

My favorite Frozen moment occurred in my living room as we watched, again, the movie. Three of my grandchildren were there: Isabella, 5; Amelia, 3 1/2; and Everett, 2. I was amazed that they knew the movie so well, line by line. I should not have been surprised since it had played nearly non-stop since we bought the movie.

When they grabbed towels for costumes and began to act out the songs and lines of the movie – words and movements, it was like watching the  movie in stereo. The movie played on the TV and my grandchildren duplicated it in the living room.

I so wanted to go grab the video to record the moment but feared they would stop. So, I stayed and enjoyed the presentation – willing myself to cement it into memory.

I stayed in the moment and simply enjoyed it.

It was a new experience for me. I love to have pictures to record our adventures, but sometimes get caught up in documentation and don’t enjoy the event.

Since then, I have tried to be more present. I don’t always succeed, but every time I hear a song or see a character from the movie, I remember my goal to simply enjoy life as it happens.


Just in case you now have an urge to sing along to the movie’s signature song – check it out below…

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