Comfort Clothes

Have you shown up somewhere wearing the same outfit as someone else? For some, it’s a disaster (think prom). For others, you may decide that some women simply have the same great taste in clothes. We all have things we are drawn to wearing and if it’s currently popular, it’s bound to happen sometimes. Unless, of course, you have all your clothes tailored just for you.

On a similar note, when you find something you like, do you buy it in more than one color. Perhaps, if you find some really comfortable shoes, do you own them in black, brown, and blue? How about when you finally find the perfect fitting jeans, do you just buy 4 pairs all at once? Or maybe the style is what you like, and you can’t decide what color, so you get them all.

OK, maybe I’m the only one. But I didn’t realize how much plaid flannel I had until I packed to go away and wanted to take only my favorite, most comfortable clothes. When I looked at the pictures, I only wore plaid flannel shirts. Different colors, but all plaid. A few were men’s shirts (they fit my broad shoulders better) and some were women’s shirts (to get the pastel colors).

Maybe I should have been a lumberjack – I have the clothes. And I like power tools. But, since I’m not a fan of cold or hanging from trees / poles by a strap, I probably wouldn’t last long.

What is it about flannel what I like? It’s soft, comfortable, and warm on chilly days. And when the clothes are comfortable, you are more inclined to concentrate on the task at hand.

We all know about times when we looked great, but couldn’t concentrate because something we were wearing was pinching, pulling, poking, etc. All you wanted to do was get home and change clothes….as soon as you walk in the door and before anything else happens.

I’ll probably always wear flannel and a pair of jeans, but I need to find some different prints for a little variety.

What are your favorite clothes when you want to relax and get comfortable?

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