Friends in Low Places

Now, before you start singing the rest of the lyrics, I’m not referring to the song by Garth Brooks.

However, when it came on the radio, it did get me to thinking – about friends in…well, low places. I’m talking about the times when we are in the dumps, depressed, out of sorts, in a crisis…you get the picture.

We all know friends and acquaintances that are first on the list when we want to go shopping, see a movie, try out a new restaurant, or sign up for bungee jumping. OK, maybe not the last one. These friends are great fun and we definitely want to keep them in our lives.

But, I’m thankful for the smaller number of friends who are there and stay when the going gets rough. You don’t even need to explain what is going on, they will offer a hug and a prayer, no questions asked. And, they will hold you accountable when you need it. I’ve had friends call me out on sinful attitudes. It wasn’t fun, but necessary. I’m grateful now that they loved me enough to tell me the truth.

Other friends cried with me when I was struggling with a life crisis that seemed too big for me to handle.I knew my faithful God would see me through, but I was grateful fellow Christian friends provided hope and encouragement to keep my heart looking to God for answers.

I am blessed with some of these friends, scattered about the country. I may not talk with them often, but when we get together, we can be real with each other. We know our flaws, and theirs; and God’s strength in our weakness is one of the common graces we celebrate.

Yes, I have friends in low places; but, they help to lift me to the heights that allow me to see God’s work in my life.

So continue encouraging each other and building each other up, just like you are doing already.  1 Th 5:11. (Common English Bible)

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