Introverts unite…separately of course.

Five years ago, several of my friends and I began to gather each January for the purposes of working on various writing projects. Some of the women are published authors (our mentors) and others – like me – are novices. We work on blogs, articles, books…and a myriad of other writing projects. We have had women from Illinois, Missouri, Florida and Michigan join us. Some were friends I’ve known for years, and some became new friends I met because of this event.

It is a sacred time that we all look forward to every year. Before one year ends, we are already planning the next time.

Each one of us has our own bedroom. We bring a table and chair along with whatever else we need for the week of writing. This obviously includes a computer. Other items include research data and individual things to make the room cozy. Photos of family or candles often top the list. For me, coffee is always on the packing list.

When we arrive, we quickly set up our rooms and close the door. We don’t plan to see each other until the evening meal that we take turns providing. As we are eating, we talk about our projects, get help with our struggles, and celebrate our victories. And then, we scurry back to our rooms, close the doors and the fingers again fly over the keyboards.

During the day, meals and snacks are on your own. You may run into someone in the kitchen, but the conversation is short. Occasionally, someone will leave their room

Occasionally, someone will leave their room and take their laptop to another location. if the weather is nice, a porch will do. Other times, a local coffee shop is the destination of choice.

Most who hear about our week are surprised that we don’t socialize much. Extroverts think it sounds simply awful. Introverts think of it as a dream week. Of all the women who have joined us over the years, very few are extroverts. I don’t know if that is a trait of most writers, or if it is just the women we know and invite.

Yes, we can, and do, write alone in our homes. But, there is something special about writing alone, together.

All I do know is it works for us, and I am already looking forward to writing alone with my introvert friends next year.

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