Scheduled in Ink

One of my more observant grandchildren prepared this weekly schedule for me.

20200421_151358Who am I kidding, anyone who knows me for even an hour will find out I love my coffee. But that is a separate point. What I loved was that my grandchild* took the time to make and draw individual activities with coffee!

I placed it on my refrigerator as soon as I could. So, this is how my week will go from henceforth:



Sunday – just a simple cup of coffee to start my week.



Monday through Friday – the work week…need some variety


Saturday – end of the week….20200421_151352no longer to name what this elixir is called.


All joking aside, I love the creativity and love shown in this schedule.  And since she did it in ink, not pencil…I can’t change it.

Scheduled in ink…I LOVE IT!





*Thanks Amelia


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