Stairway to ???

stairs in dirtI have not taken a nature walk recently…OK, I haven’t done so for quite some time.  This picture was from over a year ago when I was on a hike sponsored by my trainer at the gym.  He planned an easy 1-mile hike to make sure everyone could enjoy the day and each other. Then, we celebrated with a healthy lunch together.

Along the trail, we came upon this set of stairs. Only a few steps leading right back to the trail.  This was not a steep incline at all and the path continued on both sides. Most of the hikers simply bypassed the stairs since taking them meant changing your stride to match the next step. It was simply easier to go around.

I began to wonder why the stairs were there in the first place.

  • Was there a building here at one time?  Doubtful since there was not much space between the trees and no evidence of walls or a landing at the top of the stairway.
  • Was the path originally steep at this point and stairs were needed to avoid slipping? If this were the case, the continued use of this path and natural erosion had long since eliminated that issue. Other sections of the day’s hike were much steeper to the point of using a nearby tree to steady or help with the incline. But, that section didn’t get stairs, so why did the portion in my picture require someone to drag cement up the hill to add them?

Whatever the original reason, the stairs are now more of a hindrance than helpful.

With the coming of warm weather, many will undertake spring cleaning. This brings the opportunity to go through possessions and decide to keep, discard, or give away. I recently finished my annual sorting ritual and cleared my house of many items I no longer use..and some I never did (making me wonder why I got it in the first place).

Some items, like the stairs, once had a clear purpose that no longer holds true. Or, there is an easier way around that gets the same result.

The decision to keep or discard varies on the item.  I have butter churns that belonged to my great-grandparents. No longer are they used for their intended purpose since my local grocery sells butter, but I keep them for their sentiment and as decor. More modern kitchen gadgets simply took up too much room…mostly because I tend to buy different versions of something I already have. When I sorted kitchen utensils, I discovered almost a dozen spatulas! I kept what I needed and gave away my excess.

If this is your season to clean and declutter…what “stairs” will you discover?

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