Stock Market Styled Weight

OK – so I’ve gained weight over the past few years. While it increased during the pandemic, the trend started much earlier. Whenever I weigh, the number graphs automatically on one of my apps. When I recently reviewed this chart, I noticed it looked like it yielded impressive results… if it reflected the stock market.

That it represented weight gain just made it depressing. So, once again, I resolved to buckle down and get focused. I previously documented the 100-day journey I embarked on with a friend. We concluded that 1st effort and while I didn’t lose as much as I hoped; I lost over 10 pounds and have experienced results in other areas because of the efforts.

We are embarking on a second 100-day journey but focusing on ONE goal. Our initial effort focused on 3 areas. We each chose something from the first attempt to highlight. For my focus, I am choosing 3 SMART goals. This method has been around for years and I first came across it in management classes. There are myriads of websites that promote this technique, including this one. You can do a web search and find many more if you want additional information or even worksheets. The acronym stands for goals that are:

S.M.A.R.T. goals






Most endeavors miss the target not because the goal wasn’t worthy, but because the aim was off. In my first 100 days, I made this mistake either with goals that were too ambitious and unattainable… or, were not measurable (do more or less of…rather than specific time or number).

So, I am at it again. Join me and we can encourage each other! My goal is for my weight loss to look like a terrible stock market graph as the weight continues to go down.

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