The Jiggly Truth…and An Impossible Plank

Small children lack social filters that develop with age and getting corrected by parents. Often, they state the truth quickly, and reality is sometimes hard to hear. You gotta love honesty from kids, or you’ll cry.

One of my younger grandchildren recently saw fit to let me know – just in case I didn’t – that I had jiggly parts (as she pointed to my upper arms and tummy). Unfortunately, she is not the first grandchild to let me in on the apparent truth. Five years ago, another grandchild remarked I was fat, but grannie (my mother) wasn’t. This, along with a co-worker telling me I couldn’t lose my goal of 50 pounds in 7 months, got me focused. My co-worker was right; I didn’t lose the 50 pounds…I lost 65! (And a gallbladder possibly linked to rapid weight loss, but I digress). In the years since, I haven’t regained it all, but am getting close.

Babysitting grandchildren and sticking to a plan for exercise and healthy eating often reveal conflicting goals. Some are easier to manage than others. My plan for non-stop salads and other so-called “diet” foods doesn’t satisfy the grandchild who wants pizza, spaghetti, and cheeseburgers. My daily 2-5 mile walk is harder to manage with 5-year-old legs tagging along. And who wants to carry said child home when they get “tired” of walking? This is strange because you swear they get in at least 10 miles running around the yard and house…all before lunch. Finding the motivation and creativity to attend to health needs while caring for grandchildren requires some master-level planning…or simply getting up earlier to get it done.

I have tried working out while babysitting…hence the comment about jiggly parts. Beyond that, it is humiliating for small children to say “just do it this way” as they show excellent core strength and joint flexibility I haven’t achieved in years. They even posed a Ken Doll to demonstrate a proper plank. I held mine for 30 seconds; Ken was still in his pose a week later. Yes, sweet child, I’ll just do it…before you arrive.

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