…hear that?

Moms seem to have eyes on the backs of their heads. How else could they know when kids are up to something? At least, that is what I believed when I was a young girl…and it is what I tried to convince my kids that I possessed. Truth be told, it was often the absence of sound that caused my ears to perk up. While extra “eyes” are often touted as a mom superpower, rarely have I heard about super hearing. But my mom sure does have it.

Recently, I was helping my mom with a project. We used an embroidery sewing machine to put designs on gifts. We enjoyed having time to talk and catch up. While we chatted, the machine was actively adding stitches and suddenly my mom stopped talking, turned to the machine, and shut it off. Asking what happened, my mom simply stated, “I heard a thread breaking.”

What?!?! The machine was auto-stitching, we were talking, and she “heard” the thread break? Now, that WOULD explain how she always heard me mutter under my breath as a teenager, but I digress.

There was and is someone else who hears me grumble, even unuttered thoughts. “God would surely have known it, for he knows the secrets of every heart” (Ps. 44:21 NLT). Yet, this brings comfort because I know he also hears my weakest cry for help, even if it is as quiet as a thread breaking.

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