the perfect list

I love hearing my grandchildren grow in their relationship with God. Early prayers offer unique insights into their view of the world and how God fits into it. First efforts can be amusing, but it has impressed me at how comprehensive the mealtime prayers have morphed in my youngest grandchild.

I previously wrote about her first prayers. They were all over the place and she often overlooked thanking God for the food we were about to eat. The current version is pretty standard and very comprehensive:

  • Thank you for the food. She doesn’t forget appreciation for the meal anymore. Now, she starts with gratitude for the food.
  • I had a good day. Several weeks ago, this phrase began appearing and has not deviated much. This phrase is one of my favorites because I first heard it with breakfast. The day had barely started and she had already determined it was a “good” day and let God know it. Occasionally, she may follow with “I hope you have a good day too.” As a parent, my day gets better when I know my children are having a good day; I imagine God feels the same way as our heavenly Father.
  • I give you a heart. What a sweet way to express love. I’m sure God is pleased, and it will bring joy to him. She recently added to this list with giving God a heart, a rainbow, and another heart. You just can’t have too much love or commitment to promises.
  • Keep my family safe and sound. This recent addition surprised me because she used two different words in her request. Safe means free from harm. I welcome that. Sound extends freedom from injury to healthy and robust. As a nurse, I can verify there is a difference between someone who has recovered from illness and one who is robust. I’m not sure where she heard it, but I’m sure God hears her prayers and I’m happy we are covered in them.

When she finishes, she sometimes says “that was a good one.” Yes, sweetie, it was good. She was thankful, expressed love, and prayed for others. I’m sure God loved it.

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