Speaking Topics

CSI:  Called to Serve Intentionally

detective-cartoon-face-expression_Q1PyZf_L (1)Have you ever wondered what God has planned for your life?  Have you looked at your days and believed you missed it?    Good news awaits—nothing is wasted and you are never outside God’s plan for your life.

Perfect for weekend retreats or a one day workshop, this topic will help attendees to leave with a greater understanding of God’s grace and their purpose.  Each session uses “forensic terms” to look at your personality, spiritual gifts, and unique qualities & history to discover YOU— the unique individual GOD fashioned for purpose, ministry, and His glory!

The Heat is On: Staying Christian in the Secular Workplace


Many Christians are employed in secular jobs that may test their Christian attitudes and actions.  This presentation focuses on the challenge to be “light” in the workplace, demonstrating a Christian work ethic.  Included in this presentation are suitable evangelism tools and tips for dealing with sticky situations common to all areas of employment.

High Wire Juggling:  Surviving Under the “Big Top”

Life Balance Meaning Family Career Friends And Health

Do you sometimes feel like you are a “one-woman circus” –  taming wild beasts, juggling multiple responsibilities, walking the tight rope of time management, and running your personal three ring circus?

Examine the myths and secrets of time management and learn how to regain control and restore balance to your life—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—as you fulfill God’s  purpose in your life, and serve where He’s called you.


Other Topics Available or Developed Upon Request

Contact Colleen for More Information or Topics, Availability, and Fees.

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